Prof. Aharon Gedanken

About The Author

Emeritus Prof. Aharon Gedanken received his M.Sc. from Bar-Ilan University and his Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University, Israel. After his post-doctoral research at USC, USA, he returned to Bar-Ilan University in 1975 as a senior faculty in Chemistry Department. He was a visiting scientist at AT&T Bell Laboratories several times in 1980-1988, and at NIDDK, NIH, USA in the summers of 1989-1991. In 1999-2001, he was the chairman of national committee for strategic studies in advanced materials and chemical technologies. In the EC program FP7, he was the Israeli representative to the NMP (nanotechnology, materials, and processes) committee. He was also a partner in 12 EC projects, in which two of them were coordinated by him. He is the recipient of 2009 Israel Vacuum Society and 2012 Israel Chemical Society awards of excellence in research. Since 2012, he is also a visiting chair professor in Department of Materials Science and Engineering, NCKU, Taiwan. Gedanken’s research interests include sonochemistry, surface coating, synthesis of nanomaterials, microwave superheating, synthesis reactions under autogenic pressure at elevated temperatures, fuel cells, renewable energy (biomass conversion to biofuels), carbon materials, sensors, medicinal chemistry, and polymers. Gedanken has published over 725 papers in peer-reviewed journals, has 38 patent applications, and his h-index is 78.

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