Prof. David Ting

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David S-K Ting worked on Combustion and Turbulence (Premixed Turbulent Flame Propagation) during his graduate years. He then ventured into Convection Heat Transfer and Flow-Structure Interactions, prior to joining University of Windsor. Professor Ting is the founder of the Turbulence & Energy Laboratory. Dr. Ting supervises students on a wide range of research projects primarily in the Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy areas.

Specifically, his recent research includes Convective Cooling of Solar PV Panels, Enhancing the Performance of Geothermal Heat Exchanger, Wind Farm Analytics, Monitoring, and Performance Prediction, Smart Water, Mitigation of Flow-Induced Vibrations, Aerodynamics, Energy Systems, Heat Transfer, and Wave Energy. Fundamentally, his love is still faithfully on Flow Turbulence.  

Renewable Energy Global Innovations featured article: Application of a three-dimensional aeroelastic model to study the wind-induced response of bridge stay cables in unsteady wind conditions

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