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Anna Maria Salvi: Associate Professor – CHIM/01 – Analytical Chemistry. University of Basilicata, Science Department

Teaching activity: Analytical Chemistry I – Analytical Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces (Triennial degree) Superior Analytical Chemistry (Masterly degree). The scientific activity is centred on the study of surfaces and interfaces by XPS (X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy) and specialises in the analysis of spectra by curve fitting using a program for data elaboration developed in the course of a long-standing collaboration with the University of Surrey, UK (PhD thesis). Work based on the analytical use of XPS in combination with AFM, SEM/EDS, SIMS and other surface/bulk analytical techniques has covered several projects of National and European significance aimed to the characterization of technological materials such as carbon fibres, meso and micro-porous catalysts, modified electrode surfaces as analytical sensors in complex matrices, intermetallic compounds and electrochromic devices based on lithium ion intercalation/de-intercalation into vanadium-based oxides (Intercalnet-RTN 2002-2006). Current researches, based on the combined use of XPS and other microscopic, spectroscopic and electro-analytical techniques are related to the molecular and supra-molecular characterization of biological samples for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications and of conducting and insulating polymers electrodeposited on surfaces for biosensor devices. The XPS laboratory for which I have full responsibility is steadily operative for demonstrative courses and applicative researches on environmental issues and on the preservation and restoration of our artistic and monumental heritage for regional and national needs. Over 65 published papers (ISI journals and peer reviewed long-abstracts) and as many Congress contributions were produced.

Renewable Energy Global Innovations featured article: EQCM and XPS investigations on the redox switching of conducting poly(o-aminophenol) films electrosynthesized onto Pt substrates  


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