ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY 2018 symposium University of Windsor Renewable Energy Global Innovations-2B


The world is moving toward a sustainable future and the development of technologies and policies that facilitate this transition is crucial. Global demand for energy is continuing to increase, while concerns over climate change, water scarcity, and deforestation are mounting. The only way forward is to prioritize the sustainable production and use of energy.

The ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY 2018 symposium at the University of Windsor will bring together energy engineering and sustainability experts from academia, industry, and policy arenas to uncover the challenges and solutions to ensuring secure and sustainable production and use of energy resources. This symposium will disseminate the most recent advances in these field and promote collaborations to maximize opportunities for innovative solutions. New developments in renewable energy generation, transmission, storage, and consumption are pertinent to this symposium. Studies on climate change, green buildings, green economy, waste and recycling, and social sustainability will also be the focus of ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY 2018.

Possible topics to be covered:
Advanced energy technologies
Biomass and biofuels
Carbon capture, use, and storage
Climate change solutions
Community energy solutions
Distributed energy
Electric vehicles
B Energy resources and development
Energy and water savings opportunities
Energy management
Green buildings
Innovative energy efficiency
Oil and Gas CleanTech
Pollution prevention
Smart grids
Sustainability in education
Sustainable energy policies
Sustainable cities
The role of renewables
The role of energy storage
Waste to energy systems

Honorary Chair:               Dr. Rupp Carriveau, University of Windsor
Conference Chair:            Dr. David S-K. Ting, University of Windsor
Program Chair:                 Dr. Lindsay Miller-Branovacki, University of Windsor
Program Chair – Electric Vehicle: Dr. Narayan Kar, University of Windsor
Program Chair At Large: Dr. Ahmadreza Vasel-Be-Hagh, Tennessee Technological University

Logistics Chairs:                 Dr. Jacqueline Stagner, University of Windsor
Dr. Ofelia Jianu, University of Windsor

Energy & Sustainability Legal: Mark Michael MacKew, Barrister and Solicitor
Mark Michael MacKew Professional Corporation
Chatham and Blenheim Ontario

Conference Overseer:            Marissa Hatt, University of Windsor
Sponsorship Chair:                Katie Mazzuca, University of Windsor
Media:                                      Kristie Pearce, University of Windsor


February 16, 2018           Abstract Deadline
March 9, 2018                 Notification of Abstract Acceptance
April 27, 2018                 Final Paper Submission Deadline


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