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Udo Mantau ( is a university professor in Forest Economics, Centre of Wood Science at the University of Hamburg/Germany. Before he began his university career he was managing a market research department for a marketing company of the C. Bertelsmann corporate group. As a researcher he has been working in the fields of market research, econometric modelling and marketing for many years. He applied his marketing experiences in a book on “Recreational and Environmental Markets for Forest Enterprises”. During the last years, major projects dealt with resource monitoring, such as regional capacities of the wood industry in Germany and Europe, biomass potentials and trade flows. Mantau generated the “Wood Resource Balance” which today is commonly used to give a complete view on the potential as well as consumption of wood resources. Recently this approach was developed further into a so called “total wood flow analysis” calculating recycling processes, cascade uses and CO2-sequestration in forest products. Mantau works as a consultant in the fields of forest products, construction industry and wood resources.

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