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Born 1937, Novo mesto, Slovenia. Professor Emeritus from 1998 and honorary professor at Faculty for Technologies and Systems, Novo mesto.

Full professor and Chief Laboratory for HVAC and Solar Energy all at Fac. of Mech. Eng. Ljubjana, Dean of Faculty, Dean of High School for Technologies and Systems, Novo mesto and Director of the Institute for High-technologies and Systems. Presently: Vice-chairman of Scientific Committee at European Environmental Agency, Copenhagen.

Scientific Activities: Heat and mass transfer in buildings and building equipment. Hi was involved in preparation of regulations and standards related to energy and environment, special for building thermal envelope design and air pollution, specialist for renewable, solar technology, building energy certification, etc. For his activities become: Honorary Member of IIR, 2003, Fellow and Life Member of ASHRAE 1999; Honorary Member of REHVA, SITHOK and SLOSE.

Publications and Mentorship: Author and co-author of more than 430, scientific papers, studies, reviews, owner of 10 patents, mentor of 20 PhD students, more than 25 Master students and more than 300 engineering students.

Publication information’s are available, from 1980 on, Slovenian cooperative online bibliographic system under No. 00956, (< 700 units).

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