A proposal for off-grid photovoltaic systems with non-controllable loads using fuzzy logic

A proposal for off-grid photovoltaic systems with non-controllable loads using fuzzy lo

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Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 78,  2014, Pages 835-842.

Imene Yahyaoui, Souhir Sallem, M.B.A. Kamoun, Fernando Tadeo.

Industrial Engineering School, University of Valladolid, Spain and

Unité de Commande de Machines et Réseaux de Puissance CMERP-ENIS, University of Sfax, Tunisia.


A fuzzy-logic based methodology is proposed and evaluated for energy management in off-grid installations with photovoltaic panels as the source of energy and a limited storage capacity in batteries. The decision on the connection or disconnection of components is based on fuzzy rules on the basis of the Photovoltaic Panel Generation measurement, the measured power required by the load, and the estimation of the stored energy in the batteries (this last is obtained from the estimation of the Depth-of-Discharge). The algorithm aims to ensure the system’s autonomy by controlling the switches linking the system components with respect to a multi-objective management criterion developed from the requirements (supply of the load, protection of the battery, etc.). Detailed tests of the proposed system are carried out using data (irradiation, temperature, power consumption, etc.) measured in a household at the target area at several days of the year. The results demonstrate that the proposed approach achieves the objectives of system autonomy, battery protection and power supply stability. Compared with a basic algorithm, the proposed algorithm is not sensitive to sudden changes in atmospheric parameters and avoids overcharging the battery.

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