Building Information Modeling (BIM)-based daylighting simulation and analysis

Energy and Buildings, Volume 81,  2014, Pages 391–403.

Sandeep Kota, Jeff S. Haberl, Mark J. Clayton, Wei Yan. 

Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, United States.



Daylighting is an important measure in designing high performance buildings. The paper presents research findings for BIM’s application in building performance simulations and focuses on how daylighting analysis can be incorporated into BIM. There are significant differences in data representations of building geometry and materials between BIM and daylighting modeling. The paper describes the development of a computer application prototype using BIM’s Application Programming Interface to create a system interface between BIM and daylighting modeling and simulation. Computer renderings and annual daylighting illumination are obtained using the prototype. The prototype is validated for the accuracy in the translation of building geometry and materials from BIM to daylighting. With the parametric change capability of BIM, the method will enable architects to quickly study different design options and their daylighting performance. The integration of daylighting analysis into BIM helps architects and engineers make informed design decisions. The research enhances the usability of BIM as a common user interface in architectural design and multi-domain performance simulations for sustainable buildings.

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