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Name: Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen

Date and place of birth: 31th of March, 1954, Fanoe Island, Denmark Nationality: Danish
Civil Status: Married – Lis Ingemann & 3 Children; Sara, Thomas and Anne
Contact details: e-mail: [email protected]; cell: +45 2166 2511.

1st University Degree 1980. M.Sc.: Agricultural Systems, Crops & Soil Science, from KVL, Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2nd University Degree 2008. Ph.D. degree from Aalborg University – Esbjerg Institute of Technology. Process Analytical Technologies for Biogas Systems. Esbjerg, Denmark.

Languages: Danish and Scandinavian languages, English, (German, French – partial proficiency)

Professional career:

1980-85: Riber Kjærgaard Agricultural College, Lecturer

1985-93: Ribe, Bramming, Esbjerg Farmers Organisation, Farming Advisor

1993-95: University Center South Jutland, Esbjerg; Senior Project Manager

1995-00: University Center South Jutland, Esbj.; Head of Bioenergy Section

2000-08: University of Southern Denmark, Esbj. Head of Bioenergy Depart.

2002-08: University of Aalborg, Esbjerg: Senior lecturer & Ph.D. researcher

2008-2010: University of Aalborg, Esbjerg: Assistent Professor & Head of Center for Bioenergy and Green Engineering.

2010 – …..: Aalborg University – Esbjerg Campus: Associate Professor & Head of Energy Section – Department of energy technology & & Head of Center for Bioenergy and Green Engineering.

Years of experience in the field of Biorefinery concepts and Biogas production – Anaerobic Digestion. Implementation projects of Bioenergy Systems. Experience of a variety of EU and UN projects. Organiser of international conferences, workshops and training programmes in Europe, Central Asia and China.

Awards, honors

2000: Honorary Bioenergy Center, SDU, Denmark and partners – Best National Renewable Energy Partnership. Awarded by DG TREN – EU Commission

2010: D.L. Massart Award in Chemometrics. Awarded by the Belgian Chemometrics Society for the best world-wide Ph.D. thesis in the research field during the period of 2008-2010.

Field of research, teaching & supervising:

Research: Managing research, development and demonstration programmes in integrated agriculture, environment and energy systems solutions.

Fulfilled biomass and bioenergy R & D projects. Main focus in biofuels, biogas and biomass resources. New focus since 2008 – Biomass pre-treatment platforms for 2. and 3. generation biorefinery production

Lecturing and graduate supervision: Courses and project supervising in fermentation processes, anaerobic digestion processes and systems. Biogas purification, Nutrient management and balances and upgrading technologies. Agricultural and environmental projects. Biomass resource studies. Optimal utilization of biomass resources and conversion technologies. Bioenergy and Renewable energy system integration.

Training programmes: International courses, training programmes and supervision for academic staff, governmental bodies and experts in bioenergy systems and integrated solutions. Core competences in bioenergy technologies and biomass ressourse conversion to biogas or biofuels.;; (Search JBHN)

Center for Bioenergy and Green Engineering, AAUE

Established at SUC 1995, transferred to SDU 2000, and as a joint group at SDU/AAUE from 2002-2008. Centre for Bioenergy and Green Engineering established at AAUE 2009. Biomass resource studies. Specific research on anaerobic digestion systems. Biomass and organic waste system analysis and optimisation. Ongoing several Liquid Biofuels projects and Biorefienery studies.

Selected Publications:

  1. Holm-Nielsen et al.; Joint biogas plant – agricultural advantages, circulation of N, P and K. Report made for the Danish Energy Agency, Ministry of Energy, 1993, 2.nd. Edition 1997. Downloads from;
  2. Holm-Nielsen; participated in UN-China conference with the lecture; Rapid Commercialisation of Renewable Energy Systems. Danish and European experience of Biogas Systems. Workshop and strategy planning for biogas technology in China. UNDP/GEF Project, Beijing, China 2-7.04.2000
  3. Holm-Nielsen J.B., al Seadi T.: Manure-based biogas systems – Danish Experience. Chapt. 17; p 377-394 in Resource Recovery and Reuse in Organic Solid Waste Management. IWA Publishing, 2004. ISBN 1 84339 054 X
  4. Holm-Nielsen J.B., Dahl C.K., Esbensen K.H.: Representative sampling for process analytical characterisation of heterogeneous bioslurry systems – a reference study of sampling issues in PAT. Chemometrics and intelligent laboratory systems vol. 83, 114 – 126 (2006) ScienceDirect, Elsevier. DOI: 10.1016/j.chemolab.2006.02.002
  5. Holm-Nielsen J.B., Andree H., Lindorfer H., Esbensen K.H.: Transflexive embedded near infrared monitoring for key process intermediates in anaerobic digestion/biogas production. Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy vol. 15, 123-135 (2007) ISSN 0967-0335. DOI: 10.1255/jnirs.719
  6. Holm-Nielsen J.B., Lomborg C.J., Oleskowicz-Popiel P., Esbensen K.H.: On-line Near Infrared monitoring of glycerol-boosted anaerobic digestion processes – evaluation of Process Analytical Technologies. Biotechnology and Bioengeneering, Vol. 99, No.2, 302 – 313, (2008), Wiley Periodicals inc. – InterScience. DOI: 10.1002/bit21571
  7. Holm-Nielsen J.B., Madsen M., Oleskowicz-Popiel P.: Predicted Energy Crop Potentials for Bioenergy Worldwide and for EU-25. Proceedings World Bioenergy 2006, Conference on Biomass for Energy, Jönköping, Sweden, 30. May – 1.June 2006.
  8. Holm-Nielsen J.B., Oleskowicz-Popiel P., al Seadi T.: Energy Crop Potentials for Bioenergy in EU-27. Proceedings European Biomass conference, Berlin, Germany 7-11 May 2007. ISBN 3-936338-21-3.
  9. Holm-Nielsen J.B. and Oleskowicz-Popiel P. 2007: The Future of Biogas in Europe: Visions and targets until 2020; Proceedings: European Biogas Workshop – Intelligent Energy Europe, 14- 16 June 2007, Esbjerg, Denmark.
  10. Holm-Nielsen J.B.: Process Analytical Technologies for Anaerobic Digestion Systems. – Robust Biomass Characterisation, Process Analytical Chemometrics, and Process Optimisation. Ph.D. Thesis. ACABS-Research Group, Esbjerg Institute of Technology, Aalborg University, August 2008, ISBN 978-87-7606-030-5
  11. Holm-Nielsen et al.: Biogas technologies and further treatments steps of co-digestion of animal manure. International Workshop – OECD & USDA; Livestock Waste Treatment Systems of The Future: A challenge to environmental quality, food safety, and sustainability. April 2008, USA, Bioresource Technology 100 (2009) 5478 – 5484. Doi: 10.1016/j.biotech.2008.12.046
  12. Holm-Nielsen: Key Note Speaker. Renewable Energy and Climate Change Policies in Denmark and Europe. Bioenergy and Biogas as case examples. Conference: Growing the Margins – Green Energy and Economy, March 10-11, 2010, London, Ontario, Canada.

Full Bibliography and publication list since 2004 can be found at:; – search; Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen.

Earlier bibliography and publication list can be achieved by mailing to: [email protected];

Contact details:

Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Head of Esbjerg Energy Section
Department of Energy Technology,

Head of Center for Bioenergy and Green Engineering

Aalborg University – Esbjerg Campus
Niels Bohrsvej 8, DK-6700 Esbjerg, Denmark.
Phone: +45 21 66 25 11,  e-mail:  [email protected]

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