Key Scientific Articles

Efficient and Quick Method for Saturates, Aromatics, Resins, and Asphaltenes Analysis of Whole Crude Oil by Thin-Layer Chromatography–Flame Ionization Detector

Energy Fuels, 2013, 27 (6), pp 3006–3013. Harender Bisht , Manasa Reddy , Manthan Malvanker , Rahul C. Patil , Ajay Gupta , Bibeka Hazarika , Asit K. Das.

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Growth of anatase and rutile [email protected]:SnO2 heterostructures and their application in photoelectrochemical water splitting

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,  Available online Nov 2013. Sangbaek Park, Chan Woo Lee, In Sun Cho, Sanghyeon Kim, Jong Hun Park, Hae Jin Kim, Dong-Wan Kim, Sangwook Lee, Kug Sun Hong.

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